Retail and Hospitality Technology and Operations Solutions

Whether a specialty retail store, quick service convenience store, international hotel brand or restaurant chain – We offer solutions to support your organization’s needs. In an ever-changing business environment, retail and hospitality companies require seamless operations and the latest technologies to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer experience goes far beyond customer service. Today’s consumers are increasingly digital, social and mobile. Vappar’s hospitality and retail solutions support global clients in creating a seamless, personalized, real-time and secure customer service experience. Through the use of our customized solutions and suite of supply chain technologies – customers receive high-quality retail and hospitality business technology and services to fit their unique business needs.

A winning package of customer service and value for money


Our software solution provides a single version of the truth – from inception to manufacturing. Our retail platform enables visibility into the entire product lifecycle by centralizing and managing design, product development, raw materials, purchasing and workflow tracking. Our software capabilities better equip retailers to streamline processes, increase global collaboration, gain greater visibility, speed and control over collections.


Our customer support, help desk and tech support solutions for retail and hospitality provide a one-to-one connection between employees and customers. Providing the technology is just the first step. Through business process outsourcing, our solution empowers your retail associates to deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Our platform helps onboard retail and hospitality employees quickly with custom learning and development services and supports every stage of training required for seamless retail operations. No matter what your business, our Enterprise Learning solutions can help your teams become productive immediately or keep them current on changing technology, processes and customer expectations.


Using any device, anywhere, brings real-time digital transformation to on-the-job training. Most retail employees are not at a desk – they’re on the floor, helping customers. Ensure your workforce can access inventory, make a sale or troubleshoot and repair equipment without introducing downtime for service calls. Workers will transition from the classroom to the real-world quicker and ongoing remote guidance and interactive support at the time of need will help them keep up with customers.