Delivering mission-critical systems on the road

We have a deep understanding of what it takes to run an effective transportation and logistics business. We can match your business with the key tools that should be used.

Digital transformation (the removal of paper) will help your business reduce the time spent on manual processes like shipment tracking, proof of delivery, and managing freight payments. Introducing intelligent automation will bring outdated systems into the future to lead the way in a highly competitive market.

Our team has tools to lower the load on your team and guide them through the onboarding processes. We can also enable specific customer processes that are high value but often require extra training and processes in the field.

Supporting the transportation and logistics industry

Digital supply chain

We design, build, and maintain digital supply chain solutions to optimise our clients’ businesses, and shape the future of the  transportation and logistics industry. Our digital supply chain solution also integrates critical systems across the business, and between customers and receivers. This enables real-time updates and removes significant waste, such as manual and paper processing.

People and culture change

Vappar’s people and culture change consulting will help your business stay competitive. Agility is the only sustainable advantage in today’s dynamic and disruptive markets and bringing your people along on the journey is essential. We’ll help you upskill and empower your teams with the right culture, processes, and technology to innovate and transform.

Security operations

Vappar has dedicated resources to operating, monitoring, and analysing our security operations centres (SOC). Our goal is to detect, analyse, and respond to cybersecurity incidents using best-of-breed technologies. By collating many systems and data sources we can proactively monitor and detect threats in your network. Deploying this threat intelligence information across all our monitoring systems will enrich their ability to detect and disrupt.


Cut through the web of different systems and complications to get to simple, responsive tools. Get transparent traceability and reporting of how freight is tracking in real-time. Your customers will be able to monitor the movement of their request themselves. They can check and communicate with you with ease. Manage pallets, assets, or containers with best-in-breed people, process, and technology.