Innovation in the healthcare will maximise patient care

The traditional healthcare industry is destined for a shake-up with the evolution of digital transformation. Vappar can help you get ahead of the curve. By putting in place platforms to allow you to automate everyday tasks, those with specialist skills, such as doctors and physicians, won’t lose precious time on paper work.

Embrace next-generation technology, like artificial intelligence, to treat patients, and put the power back in patients’ hands by enabling them to book their own appointments on the go.

The digital transformation options for the healthcare industry to adopt are seemingly endless.

Supporting patient-centred digital health journey

Virtual Care Solutions

Our virtual care solutions connect patients with healthcare providers and are designed with security, accessibility, and quality patient experience in mind.  As the healthcare sector continues to evolve, access to reliable, efficient and cost-effective virtual health services have never been more essential for enabling a healthier population. We believe everyone deserves access to high-quality healthcare regardless of their location, that’s why our Virtual Care Solutions focus on enabling increased and improved access to healthcare services, providing much-needed support to health services and the patients they care for. So whether you are a hospital, health service, allied care, aged care or disability provider – we can offer a solutions to support you  delivering high-quality virtual care.  

Innovation and Analytics

Turning data into insights and insights into decisions. Our data analytics services and solutions ensure the most efficient use of healthcare resources by providing relevant, timely and accurate insights. We do this by working with clients to deliver easy to use and role-relevant solutions that deliver actionable insights and play a significant role in driving decisions on the quality and value of connected healthcare. We are committed to connected health care, and uses data to enable clinicians to make patient-focused decisions.

Data, Analytics and AI

Our goal is to be your digital health partner, identifying together your business problems and providing solutions that are smart, clinically safe, deliver measurable benefits and fit for purpose. We evaluate all our digital solutions with you to ensure we have created real value and clinical benefits. Surface your clinical and operational health data to inform and facilitate decisions. We help you use the power of AI carefully embedded into your clinical workflows to generate real value from your data and the experiences from other clinical teams, including predictive analytics and decision support.