Driving digital transformation in financial services

More than in any other sector, trust is fundamental to the success of Financial Services businesses. It always has been and always will be. You are responsible for your customers’ financial wellbeing, so it’s up to you to match your commercial objectives with their needs and those of society.

The need for trust has increased as the world has become more uncertain. When none of us know what’s coming next, we need reassurance that businesses in financial services sector can adapt to our needs at speed and with creativity while remaining secure and solid.

Everything has changed. And that demands a rethink of how we live, work, and interact with each other. At Vappar, we take a human-centric approach to digital transformation in financial services that puts people at the heart of everything we do. The sector must reimagine a new future built around the urgent and evolving needs of its customers. When the future is uncertain, you need to be certain that you will be supported.

Realize your digital goals with the right financial services digital transformation strategy

Improve your customer experience

Ensure that you’re a trusted and easily accessible source of the financial services and products your customers need in their daily lives. Embrace digital channels and mobile while also making your branches a source of human support when they need and want it. Transforming customer experience in your financial services sector means creating a customer experience that’s innovative and flexible as well as secure. we see digital transformation in financial services as the key to achieving that balance. It’s about providing great digital banking customer experience through great employees who can engage directly with your customers. For example, deploying automation to reduce the repetitive tasks which take up their time in order that they are able to focus on what matters most, engaging with your customers in better, more personalized, more value-added ways.

Deepen your employee engagement

Digital workforce transformation is important – to attract, retain, and empower talent within a truly agile culture. After all, your people are your brand’s promise, enabling them to better engage with customers will help further gain their trust. Employee engagement in financial services makes all the difference. The rise of FinTech has made attracting and retaining the best talent a key priority. And at a time when the way we work has changed fundamentally, digital transformation in financial services needs to consider truly flexible ways of working for new generations of workers eager to live their lives in their own unique styles. Employee engagement is about empowering your people. Giving them the right tools and access to what they need, not only to do their work but to develop their skills through training opportunities (online or in-person) and get closer to customers.

Accelerate your digital ambition

Digital innovation is key to keeping ahead of both customer and employee demands. Its provides the secure tools they need to make life easier, more efficient, productive and enjoyable. Your digital ambition is unique to your business. The digital transformation strategy of your financial services organization must be based on how far you’ve progressed on your digital transformation journey. The point is to leverage the power of digital so you can offer your existing banking and/or insurance services in faster and more cost-effective ways. Each business has its own unique ambitions and goals; we gauge the maturity of each of our customers’ digital ambitions and then develop tailored strategies to enable them to achieve those objectives. That could mean adapting existing operations to deliver savings and greater speed, through to introducing completely new services to generating added value through ecosystems unique to the business.