Sustainable and efficient solutions

The potential for the energy and utilities industry to embrace digital transformation is huge. Smart and connected infrastructure can help towards the goal of sustainable energy that customers are demanding. Vappar can help gather advanced analytics and create digital solutions to enhance business processes from maintenance right through to distribution.  Supplying consistent, sustainable, and safe energy and utilities to your customers, Vappar can help you embrace digital transformation.

Supporting the energy & utilities industry

Application management

Don’t let the ongoing maintenance of applications slow your business down. Vappar’s application management solutions manage your existing apps, freeing you up to transform the areas of your business that need it. Let our team of application specialists show you how we can help. We manage hundreds of different applications for our customers. We specialise in reducing the cost of maintenance and enhancement of existing and legacy apps. We give your business a single point of contact and a team ready to work on enhancement streams.

Data visualisation

Data visualisation is the art of presenting data in a way that’s easy to understand. Good data visualisation and modern data-discovery tools can help place real-time insights into the hands of your decision makers. Vappar can help you transform your data into insightful reports and dashboards. These will reveal trends and patterns hidden beneath the surface. We’ll consult with you on best practices in data visualisation and analysis. Using business intelligence tools, we’ll develop your reports and dashboards and provide technical help.


Digital integration provides the ability to integrate anything, any time, and anywhere is a powerful tool for businesses who want to drive innovation. Business can create lasting competitive advantage by improving operational efficiency and opening up to new business models and partner ecosystems. Harnessing the creativity of co-creation business can see meaningful product and revenue growth. Integration done well can reduce maintenance costs and improve the velocity of data sharing. It can speed up the on-boarding of new capabilities. It also leverages advantages of all systems, whether they’re mobile-, social-, or cloud-based. Digital transformation also means IT departments are likely to have less control over IT-related initiatives