Business to business online stores, with inventory built-in

Give your wholesale customers an online shopping experience that keeps them coming back. Showcase products and pricing on stores with inventory integrated, and take the admin out of the order process. Ecommerce website design and development is creating ecommerce solutions tailored to a specific business model and audience. A team of ecommerce pros implements high performance and scalable ecommerce architectures, conversion driven UIs and multi-component ecommerce ecosystems. 

Increase efficiency, save time, and sell more with powerful features built for your wholesale channel

Product flexibility

Create a specific product catalogue. Sell product bundles, size and colour variations, and unlimited pack-sizes. Show customers products at their price tier, and set up special deals just for them,

Actual stock levels

Show customers real-time stock availability from any warehouse, 3PL warehouse, or other branch.

Convenient ordering

Your customers can easily search product catalogues, re-order products, and order in bulk.

Order details

Customers can add delivery dates and instructions. Ship orders when and how they want them. Set orders to go automatically to a specific warehouse or 3PL warehouse for efficient fulfilment.

Expand your customer base and shipping capabilities

E-commerce web development is indeed an inevitable requirement in the current age of global business. A sound e-commerce strategy is required to create a difference, attract customers and keep them loyal to your business. E-commerce solutions are one of our major expertise. Whether you are in business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C), we efficiently utilize predefined well-strategized processes as well as our custom programming services to deliver unique, business-oriented e-commerce solutions. All our e-commerce web development solutions are secure, robust and scalable.

Grow your online presence

Set up multiple B2B online stores by region or product range or by customer groups.

Integrated and fast

Do away with the need to set up products across multiple platforms and leverage Cin7’s B2B platform with its inventory management capabilities.

Save time and money

Easy to get started and use, no IT team or developer required. Plus, do away with manual order entry and save time.

Other features

Let your buyer order in bulk by importing orders through a .CSV file. Also, sell in multiple pack sizes to increase sales volumes.