The technology has the ability to reinvent business processes, create better user experiences, and augment and enhance human decision-making. As such, it is viewed as one of the biggest areas of opportunity for many businesses today – and a core component of most digital transformation efforts.

Our solutions are based on deep mathematical and statistical foundations and state-of-the-art techniques including deep learning, machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing.

Our team can help you leverage the latest AI tools and methodologies to create practical applications that deliver real business value.

Offering end-to-end artificial intelligence services


Vappar offers innovative solutions in the fields of computer vision and machine learning and we have applied them in applications for medicine, biology and beyond. Be it the parallelized medical images processing on cluster or the classification tools running on your smartphone, Vappar delivers. Our work includes integrating our own solutions for client use or helping partners build their own. Either way, our client-first model does not change-we are part of your team and we always get the picture.


NLP solutions are multi-disciplinary implementations – a cross section of language science, text mining, machine learning, and sometimes deep learning.

Vappar mixes the science of extracting meaning and learning from text data along with off-the-shelf libraries to make sure we deliver the most effective NLP solution possible. The difference between an ordinary service integrated model and well thought-through model is not about single digit accuracy. Rather, our in-house experts do it better by leveraging the science behind it to continuously improve on it. Vappar has respective practices and teams to deliver NLP solutions seamlessly.


For us, creating a solution is not just about rubbing a predefined algorithm to create a model which works in a clinical way.

Instead, we align with your business foundations, understand your way of making decisions. It is a complex mix of data structures, model training, model integration and architecture. Our digital DNA equips our team to deliver end-to-end machine learning solutions that produce defined business outcomes and ROI.