Harvest the benefits of digital transformation in the agriculture industry

A big focus for the agriculture industry is effective crop growth as well as looking after the environment so it can continue to provide. Digital transformation adoption in the agriculture industry is essential. Smart farming, using the internet of things (IoT) to manage aspects from crop monitoring to irrigation, automates traditionally manual processes. It gives farm managers time to get on with growth and sustainability research and management.

Connectivity on the farm keeps everyone notified of the aspects of their roles easily and effectively. Simple alerts and notifications can keep workers up to date about anything from inventory management right through to yield tracking. 

Supporting the agriculture industry

Technology consulting

Technology can transform the fortunes of your organisation. Through our technology consulting, we help organisations navigate through technology change with real know-how.

No matter what stage your technology programme or initiative is at, we’re here to help with insight, people, process, and technology.

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Robotic process automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) transforms the way your business handles its workload. Automate repetitive tasks and free up people to focus on high-value, customer-focused activities. RPA unlocks employee satisfaction, enables consistent customer service, increases capacity, and accelerates pace.

Vappar helps you start or progress your process automation journey. We’ll help you deliver solutions that deliver measurable benefits to your business. Our approach focuses on discovering opportunities and aligning the rollout with your business strategy. This ensures we focus on solving problems early. We deliver meaningful results and help propel your business forward.

IoT based Smart Farming

IoT Smart technology enables new digital agriculture. Today technology has become a necessity to meet current challenges and several sectors are using the latest technologies to automate their tasks. Smart agriculture, based on  Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, is envisioned to enable producers and farmers to reduce waste and improve productivity by optimizing the usage of fertilizers to boost the efficiency of plants. IoT based Smart Farming gives better control to the farmers for their livestock, growing crops, cutting costs, and resources. IoT smart farming is a high-tech system to grow crop cleanly and sustainably for the masses. It is the application of modern Information and Communication Technologies in agriculture.

Edge Computing

Some farms are located where the availability of high-speed internet and adequate resources are not available. Edge Computing can be used to have intelligent and modern agriculture that can process generated data at the edge and help the farmer make a decision. Examining the soil moisture using a mobile device by checking the farm location and the soil colour. Tracking livestock’s health using sensor data such as temperature, heart rate, etc., and provides insights about the health condition. A predictive computation engine, such as drones, can be used to check the health of leaves based on colour and the pores it has, whether attacked by insects, pests, or rodents. Drones can be used to check the health of leaves based on colour and the pores it has, whether attacked by insects, pests, or rodents.